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Cepheus Light - A Short Review

Cepheus Light - a short review
My #RPGaMonth for November is again something old and something new, namely Classical Traveller and Cepheus Light, which is a rule reduced version of Mongoose’s OGL Traveller 1. I have read both [1] and am going to compare it to.

Traveller is a game which exist in many different variant, but Cepheus Light still uses the old 2d6 skill rolls. That is to succeed you need to get 8+ on two d6, but your skill level is subtracted from number, you have to roll. Pilot-2 will get the value to 6+. As always there a situational modifiers and so forth. Attribute modifiers like in Moongoose’s version have no effect on skill rolls.

The game uses six attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Endurance, Intelligence, Education and Social Standing, so there is not charisma attribute for a sparkling personality or general attractiveness. There aren’t any advantages or disadvantages or perks or something similar. A character is complete by her/his attributes, skill levels and equipm…

Numenera 2 - Destiny

My #RPGaMonth for October is Numenera 2 - Destiny, the latest incarnation of Monte Cook’s Numenera game.

What is Numenera 2?

Numenera 2 means that there are two core books. The first Numenera - Discovery is more or less the same thing that was already the first Numenera. One may look at reviews for that, the differences are small. The greatest being that you now have Player Intrusions as well. A player intrusion is the reverse of a GM intrusion. Instead of getting an experience point for a complication, you pay with an experience point for a greater positive effect which is described in detail in your character's type.

What is Numenera - Destiny?

So, Numenera - Discovery is about the players discovering the so-called Ninth World. The Destiny book is different. The focus of the campaign is on playing in a community setting. The players help to start a community, make it prosper and steer or influence it. The games here will likely be more bound to a specific location where your com…

Savage Worlds & "Das schwarze All"

As my #RPG aMonth for May, I going to review Savage Worlds and a German-only setting book called "Das Schwarze All" (The black cosmos)

Savage Worlds

Savage Worlds is one of those RPGs the claim to be generic, i.e. it should work on all scales and for all kinds of settings. Certainly, you can play characters that act as heroes and shape the world around them.

 I have read the Deluxe Edition of the Savage Worlds which is just the core rules without setting specific details, but with notes on game mastering a beastiary and five one sheet adventures.

The whole document has 161 pages, but contains many pictures and let's be frank ads for setting books. The crunch starts on page 16, where traits (attributes), skills, edges/hindrances (advantages & disadvantages) are introduced. Instead of using plain numbers Savage Worlds uses dice to measure the abilities in traits and skills (from d4 to d12) similar to Cortex+. But instead of a pool like in Cortex+ you just roll your ski…

The Followers of Baba Yaga - A secret society for Amazing Adventures

All rights regarding Amazing Adventures RPG belong to Troll Lord Games. This page is just a fan product.
Followers of Baba Yaga A secret society for Amazing Adventures The Followers of Baba Yaga are a secret society originally from the Russian kingdom that has spread all over the world mainly through Russian immigration. Since the October Revolution, the political influence in Russia has strongly diminished as its head figure Grigori Rasputin was at least officially murdered because of his unruly influence on the Czar and his wife in December 1916.

Goal and Intent The Followers see themselves in the tradition of the famous sorceress Baba Yaga who is called a witch by most people outside the Followers. They try to get into possession of strong arcane artefacts to get more powerful as a society but also to bring Baba Yaga herself back from the dead. The Followers oppose the idea of personal wealth and greed but instead see the world as a place that needs a fresh start with a m…

Dungeon #21: Jammin'

#RPGaMonth - March Part 1:  Dungeon #21
So, this is my late review for March. Actually, it is only a part of it.

This is one of the RPG books I own for the longest time. If I recall correctly, I bought this one in 1991. It is number 21 from January/February 1990. It says on the inside that the Dungeon had 31000 copies printed at that time.

At that time I couldn't read English very well and wasn't really able to make much use of it, but the back cover fascinated me nevertheless.  So, I bought it used for 5 Deutsche Mark (~ 2$ at the time).

In it you'll find a Gaelic themes adventure called the Cauldron of Plenty (AD&D lvl 2-4), a higher level (15-18) D&D adventure called the Bane of the Elfswood, a general Fantasy adventure for AD&D (lvl 8-10) by the name of Incident at Strathern Point and a greek themed adventure for AD&D Lvl 6-8 which has the title The Chest of the Aloeids. I only skimmed those, but they look fine to me.

What I read and ran was the last a…

Perry Rhodan in Cortex Prime Heroic - Part 2

DisclaimerAll rights regarding Perry Rhodan and any parts belonging to the series of novels under that name belong to Verlag Pabel-Moewig in Rastatt. This page is a fan product as described here by the series' editor in chief.
All rights regarding Cortex Prime are licensed to Magic Vacuum Design Studio. The Cortex Prime Heroic System is in a beta/testing state right now and details can be found on the Kickstarter page here. I would like to thank Magic Vacuum Design Studio for the permission to write about this and to publish the following character files.

Perry Rhodan in Cortex Prime Heroic - Part 2 Last week I ran my Cortex Prime Heroic scenario in the Perry Rhodan setting at a local con (HeinzCon) again. So, I decided to share the remaining three character files I prepared for that session.

Sample character files IRMINA KOTSCHISTOWAAffiliations:   
Solo   D10     
Buddy D6 
Team D8

Not an old lady
“I can create life”
Smart but controlled temper

Power Sets:������…

My Review of Justifiers - Das Abenteuerspiel for #RPGaMonth

My Review of Justifiers - Das Abenteuerspiel for #RPGaMonth
This month, February, I am reading an older game from 2010 called Justifiers - Das Abenteuerspiel. Some may remember that there was a Science Fiction game called Justifiers released at the end of the eighties.

Part 1 Markus Heitz whose name is very prominent on the cover is a successful German fantasy novelist who was an avid player of said game. When the opportunity presented itself he bought the rights to the setting and wrote two great novels in the Justifiers universe. Moreover, he was the editor of a series of about 10 book from other authors in the same cosm.

So in 2010 a new German edition of the Justifiers game was released by Ulisses Spiele (which may be more known for the new Torg - Eternity nowadays) and that is what I am reading right now.

It is a 300 something page hardcover in DinA5 format, i.e. about half US letter format. It starts with a 20 pages short story by Heitz which puts you right into the world.

The sett…

Rollenspiele fürs Frühjahr 2018

Der alte Plan für den Winter Nach dem ich im letzten Herbst ja hier einen Plan gemacht habe, was ich noch spielen wollte, möchte ich jetzt kurz sagen, was wie geklappt hat und was ich noch spielen möchte.

Vorgenommen hatte ich mir:
1. Eine neue Perry Rhodan Cypher GeschichteWieder soll es in der Zeit der komischen Hanse angesiedelt sein, bevor die endlose Armada in den Frostrubin stürzt. Diesmal sollen die Charaktere sich mit einem alten Stützpunktasteroiden der (nicht mehr existierenden) USO beschäftigen.

Ziel ist, ein wenig mehr Aktion und etwas mehr Sense of Wonder als auf Kallestes.

Was ist daraus geworden:
Ich habe ein neues Szenario an Bord einer Raumstation entworfen und versucht, diesmal mehr große und tolle Hypertechnik in den Plot einzubauen. Das ganze ist irgendwie halb fertig und ich habe es aus meinen Notizen bisher 1,5-mal geleitet. 

Statt aber beim Cypher PR zu bleiben, habe ich Perry Rhodan auch noch einmal als Setting mit Cortex Prime Heroic genutzt und dort mit Pe…

RPG Review - StarSiege

Disclaimer: I am trying to read an RPG book a month this year as part of this Google+ community. The following review is based on reading and some dry testing, but although I tried a copuple of times, I never managed to get a group together in the last weeks.

Introduction  As my RPGaMonth for January I have read Troll Lords 2008 Science Fiction RPG called StarSiege: Event Horizon. You can get the whole thing at DTRPG and there is a free QuickStarter available

Unfortunately, my playtest did not happen in time so everything that follows is based only on reading the thing. I hope that I can play it for real in the near future and will add some more comments here then.
comparedThe basic reviewStarSiege comes in a box with three different books. There is the Field Manual which could be called the player's handbook, there is the Operations Manual which could also be called GM's guide and a setting book called Vic…