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Savage Worlds & "Das schwarze All"

As my #RPG aMonth for May, I going to review Savage Worlds and a German-only setting book called "Das Schwarze All" (The black cosmos)

Savage Worlds

Savage Worlds is one of those RPGs the claim to be generic, i.e. it should work on all scales and for all kinds of settings. Certainly, you can play characters that act as heroes and shape the world around them.

 I have read the Deluxe Edition of the Savage Worlds which is just the core rules without setting specific details, but with notes on game mastering a beastiary and five one sheet adventures.

The whole document has 161 pages, but contains many pictures and let's be frank ads for setting books. The crunch starts on page 16, where traits (attributes), skills, edges/hindrances (advantages & disadvantages) are introduced. Instead of using plain numbers Savage Worlds uses dice to measure the abilities in traits and skills (from d4 to d12) similar to Cortex+. But instead of a pool like in Cortex+ you just roll your ski…