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RGPaMonth - a recap

Over the last year I have participated in the #RPGaMonth thingy where you are supposed to read some rpg book from your shelf or digital library that sat there some time, but you never managed to read or even play it. Unfortunately, I did not find the motivation to transfer each review into a blog post, but I will do so, before Google+ shuts down and my reviews are lost. Most of the stuff I have written about the games is not that important, anyways, but I imagine to could be nice to revisit my thoughts and approaches at some point in the future.

What I read in 2018 for RPGaMonthMy picks have been:
• January: StarSiege*
• February: Justifiers*
• March: Dungeon #21, D&D 4e
• April: Torg Eternity & Cylent Scream
• May: Savage Worlds & Das Schwarze All
• June: Midgard – Der Kodex
• July: Victorious
• August: Pathfinder 2
• September: Gurps 4e, but did write anything about it, since I stopped reading
• October: Numenera 2
• November: Cepheus Light
• December: Dungeon Crawl Clas…